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United States Patent                  6,799,406

Gosselin, et al.                  October 5, 2004 


Bolted metal joist and method of manufacturing the same 


A joist (10) comprises an upper chord (12), a lower chord (14) and a plurality of compression and tension webs (16/18) extending between the chords (12/14) and secured thereto by means of bolts (50). A single bolt (50) per connection or nodal point is used to secure the compression and tension webs (16/18) to the chords (12/14). The metal joist (10) can easily be assembled in a shop or directly on site without highly qualified labor. 


Inventors: Gosselin; Georges (Otterburn Park, CA), Gocevski; Vladimir (Beaconsfield, CA)

Assignee:  Bolmetco Inc. (Otterburn Park, CA)

Appl. No.:          09/983,043

Filed:       October 22, 2001

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